Lead by Example is a coaching company by Edson Williams with its main purpose to coach our clients to their next level and unleash their potential.

Lead by Example is about allowing our clients to grow to a bigger, more powerful version of themselves. 
Lead by Example is about constant growth, understanding that we are perfect, whole and complete the way we are right now and strive to grow in order to make life more interesting and to contribute to others. 
Lead by Example is about being the best, giving the best, creating the best and doing whatever it takes to make our clients become the best.

Edson Williams is the founder, leading coach and keynote speaker at Lead by Example. He has corporate as well as entrepreneurial  experience working at Nike EHQ fore several years, co-founding the image design department and later establishing the international renowned artist agency www.edsonwilliams.com . Today Edson is based in London and has coaching clients from all over the world. With over 10 years of personal development knowledge and experience Edson is also an NLP master practitioner.

Lead by Example offers:
*premium personal coaching
*workshops for organizations & businesses
*public workshops
*the inspiring life and business changing keynote talk “Flip the Script”

We believe that life is meant to be great for everybody and are committed to make it so.

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