Sheila Barnes Vocal coach

“Edson has something that goes beyond what we can learn and be trained to do:  he has a kind of “natural knowing,” which is, in my personal lexicon of descriptions, the highest praise I can give.    I had occasion to consult Edson for help in solving a thorny personal problem.  I decided to take the problem to a coach because I wanted to approach that particular personal situation with as heavy an arsenal of skills as that which I would use for a professional problem.   Knowing Edson, I expected to be helped, but what I got from his help exceeded my expectations by a wide margin!   Edson put my interests above his own in coaching me in a way in which he could not have been certain I would respond well to.  He told me what I NEEDED to hear, not what I wanted to hear.  As a result of hearing the truth and subsequently acting on it, I solved the problem in a way that went beyond my wildest dreams.   And as I was going through the experience, I had email contact with Edson which helped me to continue to behave as I needed to in order to get the outcome I wanted.  That outcome was so clear in my mind because of the coaching sessions – we did it in only two sessions! – I had had with Edson.  I learned that there are some things that a person simply cannot do for himself or herself:  that’s where a gifted coach becomes so valuable.  I cannot place a value on what Edson did for me; it is unrecompensable.”

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