Dana Crisan Coach Customer Excellence

Working with Edson as my Coach has been a life changing experience for me. The 1on1 life purpose workshop was mindblowing for me and opened a new perspective to my life journey. Still, a workshop values nothing unless what one acquires is brought to life. And I worked with Edson in individual coaching sessions to bring my life purpose to life. What I got out of it? A better me with a better lifestyle serving my purpose. I have become more disciplined, more focused, more clear and more determined in giving meaning to my life. I now have clear milestones in front of me, I feel complete, I know why I am here and what I need to do. It has been one of the best investments in my life.

Petra Kostova graphic designer

“Edson is one of the most inspiring persons I know. He is an amazing coach and presenter with a positive and professional approach. I admire his natural ability to bring new perspectives and to motivate people. He always encourages constant growth. I highly recommend working with him, the Life Purpose Creation session is a great experience and brings an inevitable knowing of yourself.”

Renee Otterbech

Edson struck me by having the amazing ability to make each person he interacted with special and important. He always took time to listen and reflect upon individual contributions and questions. One of his very effective approaches was that during the full day workshop, he got all the participants to formulate and internalize their own mission statement. At the end of the day, he had given all the sense of achievement and that now life will change for the better or on a more conscious and positive path.

Penni Jonsson

“Edson is a great speaker who really inspired me with his ‘Flip the script’ mantra. He’s enlightening and targeting the real problems we set up for ourselves and explains how to solve them in an easy and pragmatic way.
Everybody who has a chance should take it and go to one of his seminars.”

Dr. K.K.

How has the purpose creation session impacted your life?
I now fully understand what is important to me in life and what I want to achieve. As a consequence it is also much easier to recognize what is not important. This is incredibly empowering and has made me much more focused and more confident.

Claudia Zeuren IT Security specialist UBS

“I would love to participate again one day to any such inspiring talks by Edson. He is an inspiration and motivation for everyone!”

“When I enrolled for the event “Unleash Your Talent” organized by UBS internally I expected an interesting speech with maybe some hints about career planning. What we got is way beyond that: The topic was presented so brilliantly and agile, it was a pure joy! I am still thrilled with the statements and options regarding “Flip The Script”. For me personally, the timing was just perfect. I will keep these examples and statements in mind in order to “flip MY script” and definitely will not be one of ‘the followers’ any longer.