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Tal-ent [tal-uhnt] : a natural ability.

We all have talents, natural abilities; those that come naturally and are easy…there are people that have used their talents to become very successful. There are certain things these people do and things they do not do that allow them to be successful.

“Success leaves clues” – Edson Williams has worked with some of the most successful people on the planet; musicians, actors, top professional athletes and entrepreneurs and as an eternal student of success he has learnt from them and will be sharing their secrets and his own journey.

A journey that will show you what is in the way of your greatness and how to Flip the Script® and Unleash your Talent. Edson Williams will be looking at dis-empowering beliefs, habits, ways of thinking and how to create empowering new beliefs, habits and ways of thinking that will allow you to discover and utilize your talent.

“Unleash Your Talent” a keynote presentation by Edson Williams
A keynote talk  lead by Edson Williams.

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  • you are looking to inspire and motivate the people in your organization
  • if you want to inspire and stimulate creativity in your organization
  • if you need to introduce a positive change in the organization
  • if you need extraordinary results from your team or organization

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“Edson Williams’s Flip the Script keynote talk at our space was a fantastically refreshing experience . Edson’s keynote talk made us think about our perceptions, broke behavior patterns, and left our members feeling energized.”

Araceli Camargo-Kilpatrick (Founder


“Edson is a very professional and charming presenter, who explained a simple approach toward success. During the session we organized for Women’s Business Network, Edson was having many good points of building your self-confidence and overcoming unnecessary insecurities. The feedback we received were all very positive and it seems that people enjoyed the presentation and will take value from the session.” Elena Mattheis (Director, Risk Control UBS AG )


 “Edson is a great speaker who really inspired me with his ‘Flip the script’ mantra. He’s enlightening and targeting the real problems we set up for ourselves and explains how to solve them in an easy and pragmatic way.
Everybody who has a chance should take it and go to one of his seminars.” (Penni Jonsson)


“Edson was our guest speaker at the November CDN networking event. He gave a personal view of how to be philanthropic and to “gain by giving”. A really interesting insight into how we can all get benefit by enabling and helping others to improve. It was much appreciated by those present. I would strongly recommend Edson to provide a challenging and thought provoking presentation.”
Mike Driver (director