Ludmilla Skinner

Ludmilla SkinnerLudmilla Skinner is an amazing personal coach, dedicated and with a no nonsense approach. I’ve had the pleasure of introducing Ludmilla to her very first personal development course in 1999, since then she kept on developing and became this beautiful, confident successful woman. I’m proud to say that after participating in my Future Creation workshop that it wasn’t long after that she began her successful coaching business. Ludmilla is specialized in coaching expats trailing spouses, making the world feel like home for them. She has been the trailing spouse, So she knows from experience how it is to learn a new language, finding a job, settling in, new friends etc. Her other specialities are “work life balance” and choice related stress. For a no nonsense, result oriented and committed approach Ludmilla Skinner is your coach.

Annemieke Jonas

Annemieke JonasAnnemieke Jonas is one of the best when it comes to helping others making the mind, soul and body connection. With her extensive knowledge of the human body combined with her passion for Kinesiology, people and healing she is the best to get you in shape and/or tackle any injuries that might be work related. She has the unique ability to make you understand even the most complicated parts and functions of your body in a way that helps you use your body more effectively. Fore body and mind effectiveness call Annemieke.

Glenn Weisz

Glenn WeiszGlenn Weisz is a man who always wants to make a difference to the world and the people on it. I had the wonderful experience of having Glenn participate in one of my workshops where his participation raised the level of the other participants. Its been a pleasure seeing him develop in to a coach with love, understanding and dedication for his clients being it as a workshop leader or personal coach. When it comes to making change in your life, whether relationships, confidence, and career, Glenn is your coach.